Birthday of Carformer Laboratory website

Today is the birhday of Carformer Laboratory website! Here we will publish the news and information about the products of our laboratory.

Carformer | Laboratory is a division of “Carformer” group of companies, which provides development and manufacture of car electronic systems, adapters and controllers on a turnkey basis. Except our own complete projects,our laboratory is ready  to develop and produce the controller, car interface or car adapter you need (from 1 pcs). Our specialists are working on car electronics market for more than 7 years. Our huge experience allows us to complete almost any task set by our customers


Adapter Infiniti Windows Closer
Adapter Infiniti Windows Closer provides automatic closing of windows and sunroof in Infiniti cars (since 2010) after activating the car alarm system.
Adapter Lexus LCD
Adapter Lexus LCD allows to change the original black and white monitor on automobiles Lexus RX270 and RX350 (2010 model line) to any full-color monitor. This adapter generates colored composite video signal which contains all the information from the original in-built display (climate, audio etc.)
Active intelligent parking system
This adapter is made for applying the parking lines to the image of rear view camera. The direction of lines is changing when you rotate a steering wheel. The information about the steering wheel’s position is taken from the CAN bus. The characteristics of the adapter: