Video demonstration of car adapter Touch Remote v.2 possibilities

On our Youtube channel you may find the video demonstration of our laboratory's development - the adapter Touch Remote v.2. There you will see the main possibilities and functionality of the adapter.

Наш канал на YouTube:

За более подробной информацией о адаптере, Вы можете обратиться на страницу каталога - Touch Remote v.2.

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Adapter Touch Remote v.2
This adapter allows to operate car multimedia devices with individual remote control desk (DVD, TV tuner, HDD player) from your touch screen monitor. The installed adapter adds the pictograms of control buttons to the car monitor picture. When you push the pictogram button on the monitor, the adapter emulates pushing the same button on the remote control desk.
Universal TV Free in motion adapter
Universal car TV Free adapter (in Motion interface) for different car models is developed for unlocking video system's image display while car is in motion. It is installed via connection to the car's CAN bus. For now this adapter is compatible with Volvo automobiles (2010-2013+) and Dodge automobiles (2010-2013+).
Adapter Infiniti Windows Closer
Adapter Infiniti Windows Closer provides automatic closing of windows and sunroof in Infiniti cars (since 2010) after activating the car alarm system.