Upgrade of TV Free UNI adapter

Dear colleagues, we are glad to inform that our specialist have completed the improvements and tests of TV Free UNI adapter. Now our adapter is fully compatible with Volvo cars (2013+) with the City Safe system. We have updated the circuit technique and reduced the cosuption of power supply. Please contact us if you need a wholesale purchase.

Passive intelligent parking system
Passive intelligent parking system applies the parking lines on the rear view camera image for safe parking. The size and situation of the lines can be regulated.
Touch screen commutator
The universal in-built touch screen commutator allows to output the signal from original car's touch screen without soldering, for connection the additional car navigation system/ TV/DVD or another car multimedia.
Adapter Lexus LCD
Adapter Lexus LCD allows to change the original black and white monitor on automobiles Lexus RX270 and RX350 (2010 model line) to any full-color monitor. This adapter generates colored composite video signal which contains all the information from the original in-built display (climate, audio etc.)