Universal TV Free in motion car adapter

After analizing the market of car TV free adapters, we have developed the universal in motion car interface, which is compatible with diferent car models. Now the universal TV Free in motion car adapter v.2 is in sale. It allows watching in motion the DVD/TV tuners of Volvo and Dodge.

We do not stop to in upgreading this adapter. We will make it compatible with the most popular car models in the nearest time. 


If you need more information about this universal adapter, please follow the link: http://www.carformer-lab.com/catalogue/tv-free-in-motion-volvo-and-dodge.html

Adapter Lexus LCD
Adapter Lexus LCD allows to change the original black and white monitor on automobiles Lexus RX270 and RX350 (2010 model line) to any full-color monitor. This adapter generates colored composite video signal which contains all the information from the original in-built display (climate, audio etc.)
Adapter Audi LCD
Adapter Audi LCD allows to replace the original monochrome monitor on Audi automobiles (since 2004) by transporting the data from the original system through the composite video output to the additionally installed monitor.
Adapter Honda Goldwing LCD
Adapter Honda Goldwing LCD is developed for transporting the picture from original monochrome LCD monitor of Honda Goldwing motorcycle to the additionally installed full colored monitor. This adapter generates the colored composite videosignal of NTSC standard, which contains the exact copy of in-built display's picture.