Operation panel for dealers

Dear colleagues, we have placed the useful operation panel for dealers on our website.

Using this panel, our registered dealers can get more detailed information about out products and also to have an advanced access to manuals and installation instructions. Also the authorized dealer will see the recommended wholesale and retail price.

The enter to the panel for dealers is situated in the left bottom corner of the page, the link is "Enter for dealers". If you want to become our dealer, please register using this link. After our confirmation you will get a full access to the product information and prices. 

Adapter Acura MDX LCD
Adapter Acura MDX LCD allows to change the original black and white monitor on automobiles Acura MDX (2005 model line) to any full-color monitor. Theis adapter generates colored composite videosignal which contains all the information from the original built-in display (climate, audio etc.)
Adapter Volvo XC90 LCD
Adapter Volvo XC90 LCD allows to replace the original in-built 5" monitor on Volvo XC60 automobiles to any full-color monitor. The adapter generates the high quality color videosignal via HDMI-interface, which contains the picture from the original monitor.
TV Free in motion adapter for Cadillac
Car TV Free adapter (in Motion interface) for Cadillac and other GM automobiles is developed for unlocking video system's image display while car is in motion.