New possibilities of TV Free UNI for 300C 2012+

Our specialists have upgraded the UNI TV Free adapter, which activates the picture in motion. If you connect this adapter to you car, you will be able to use the original DVD and TV tuner in motion. Now our adapter is compatible with Chrysler 300C (models from 2012). Please contact us if you need a wholesale purchase.

Adapter Infiniti Windows Closer
Adapter Infiniti Windows Closer provides automatic closing of windows and sunroof in Infiniti cars (since 2010) after activating the car alarm system.
Touch screen commutator
The universal in-built touch screen commutator allows to output the signal from original car's touch screen without soldering, for connection the additional car navigation system/ TV/DVD or another car multimedia.
Adapter Kenwood DVB-T
Adapter Kenwood DVB-T for digital TV tuners allows connecting any additional digital TV tuner to Kenwood car stereo systems, saving the possibility of original Kenwood car stereo system touchscreen operating.