Adapter Touch Remote v.2 is in sale

Dear colleagues, we are glad to inform you that the new version of our Touch Remote Adapter v.2 is in sale. This adapter allows to operate car multimedia devices with individual remote control desk (DVD, TV tuner, HDD player) from your touch screen monitor.

The installed adapter adds the pictograms of control buttons to the car monitor picture. When you push the pictogram button on the monitor, the adapter emulates pushing the same button on the remote control desk.

As opposed to the 1st version, Touch Remote v.2 applies the colored buttons to the car monitor, the settings and operating has become more functional. Also the adapter has received the individual stainless steel body frame.

Please contact our dealers concerning the purchase or if you have any technical questions.


Passive intelligent parking system
Passive intelligent parking system applies the parking lines on the rear view camera image for safe parking. The size and situation of the lines can be regulated.
Adapter Honda Goldwing LCD
Adapter Honda Goldwing LCD is developed for transporting the picture from original monochrome LCD monitor of Honda Goldwing motorcycle to the additionally installed full colored monitor. This adapter generates the colored composite videosignal of NTSC standard, which contains the exact copy of in-built display's picture.
Adapter Audi LCD
Adapter Audi LCD allows to replace the original monochrome monitor on Audi automobiles (since 2004) by transporting the data from the original system through the composite video output to the additionally installed monitor.