Touch screen commutator

The universal in-built touch screen commutator allows to output the signal from original car's touch screen without soldering, for connection the additional car navigation system/ TV/DVD or another car multimedia.

The adapter is made for resistive 4-wire touch screen. The installation is made in the plug of original flat cable, which goes from touch screen to it's controller, with flat cables from the adapter's installation set.  The soldering of touch screen's original plugs is not needed. The switching is operated by the external signal from the additional video interface, with the button or other equipment. If the car contains the flat cables with 1mm step - the front size plugs of the commutator are used; if 2.5 mm step - the back size plugs are used.

The manual for adapter installation:

Active intelligent parking system
This adapter is made for applying the parking lines to the image of rear view camera. The direction of lines is changing when you rotate a steering wheel. The information about the steering wheel’s position is taken from the CAN bus. The characteristics of the adapter:
Adapter Acura RDX LCD
Adapter Acura RDX LCD allows to change the original black and white monitor on automobiles Acura RDX (2008 model line) to any full-color monitor. Theis adapter generates colored composite videosignal which contains all the information from the original built-in display (climate, audio etc.)
Monitor for Lexus RX270/350
Monitor for Lexus RX270/350 is a complete set for installation on Lexus RX270/RX350 automobiles (since 2010). It contains: the plastic frame with in-built 8" high resolution matrix (hdmi, vga, 2 rca), adapter Lexus LCD.