Touch screen commutator

The universal in-built touch screen commutator allows to output the signal from original car's touch screen without soldering, for connection the additional car navigation system/ TV/DVD or another car multimedia.

The adapter is made for resistive 4-wire touch screen. The installation is made in the plug of original flat cable, which goes from touch screen to it's controller, with flat cables from the adapter's installation set.  The soldering of touch screen's original plugs is not needed. The switching is operated by the external signal from the additional video interface, with the button or other equipment. If the car contains the flat cables with 1mm step - the front size plugs of the commutator are used; if 2.5 mm step - the back size plugs are used.

The manual for adapter installation:

Joystick Acura
Joystick Acura is an adapter which allows using the original dashboard joystick of Acura MDX/RDX/ZDX automobiles as a USB PC mouse for operating the additionally installed car navigation system (Mircom M500, Phantom SPT 100, CarPC etc). Also it allows to organize switching between different devices.
Adapter Kenwood DVB-T
Adapter Kenwood DVB-T for digital TV tuners allows connecting any additional digital TV tuner to Kenwood car stereo systems, saving the possibility of original Kenwood car stereo system touchscreen operating.
Adapter Audi LCD
Adapter Audi LCD allows to replace the original monochrome monitor on Audi automobiles (since 2004) by transporting the data from the original system through the composite video output to the additionally installed monitor.