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Concerning the purchase of "Carformer Laboratory" production you can contact the nearest regional dealer. Our company is searching the dealers for mutually advantageous cooperation. If you have any questions, please fill in the feedback form in "Contacts" section, and we will contact you in the nearest time!


Russia / Moscow


Joystick Acura
Joystick Acura is an adapter which allows using the original dashboard joystick of Acura MDX/RDX/ZDX automobiles as a USB PC mouse for operating the additionally installed car navigation system (Mircom M500, Phantom SPT 100, CarPC etc). Also it allows to organize switching between different devices.
Adapter Infiniti Windows Closer
Adapter Infiniti Windows Closer provides automatic closing of windows and sunroof in Infiniti cars (since 2010) after activating the car alarm system.
Passive intelligent parking system
Passive intelligent parking system applies the parking lines on the rear view camera image for safe parking. The size and situation of the lines can be regulated.